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Biographical Information:

Born in 1992 in Tucson, Arizona, Jonathan DeDecker, received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently working towards his Masters of Fine Arts degree in the painting, drawing and sculpture department at Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia, PA. He attended Michelle Grabner’s Poor Farm experiment summer school residency program in 2014. Jonathan also received the Carter prize for oil painting in 2013, and the Odili Odita Scholarship in 2015.

Recent group exhibitions include the Minneapolis Convention Center, Waiting Room Gallery, Kolman and Pryor Gallery, The Quarter Gallery, The Abstracted Gallery, Katherine E Nash Gallery, New Orleans Center for Art Gallery, and a two person show at Great Far Beyond. He had his first Solo Exhibition at New Boon(e) in Philadelphia, PA in March of 2016.




BFA- Painting/Drawing

School: University of Minnesota

City: Minneapolis, MN

Year of Graduation: 2015



Degree: Masters of Fine Arts Candidate 

Major: Painting/Drawing/Sculpture

School: Tyler School of Art

City: Philadelphia, PA

Year of Graduation: 2017



Carter Prize for Oil Painting 2013

University of Minnesota Department of Art Scholarship 2013

Edina Art Crawl- People’s Choice Award

University of Minnesota Department of Art Scholarship 2014

Yale Norfolk Summer Residency Nominee, 2014

Odili Odita Scholarship, 2015-2017


Group Exhibitions: 

Forming and Performing Arts: Teaser Event, Minneapolis, 2013

The Beat Coffee shop, Forming and Performing Arts: Nostalgia, Minneapolis, 2013

The Quarter Gallery: BFA Scholarship Show, Minneapolis, MN, 2013

Stevens Square Center for the Arts, Forming and Performing Arts: The Art of Progression, Minneapolis, MN, 2013

Stevens Square Center for the Arts, Forming and Performing Arts: Solidarity in Multiplicity, Minneapolis, MN,  2014

The Coffman Union Gallery, Fusion and Destruction in Twofold, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

Edina Art Crawl: Fashion Avenue, Edina, MN, 2014

The Abstracted Gallery: Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

The Abstracted Gallery: Open Art Procedure, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

Skyway Theatre: Candlelight Art Show, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

The Abstracted Gallery: Invest In Art, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

Skyway Theatre: Pancakes and Booze, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

Flow Art Space: St. Paul Art Crawl, St. Paul, MN, 2014

The Quarter Gallery: BFA Scholarship Show, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

Skyway Theatre: Art Utopia, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

Skyway Theatre: Lo:Cal, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

Kolman & Pryor Gallery- Art Crawl, Minneapolis, MN, 2015

Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Re-Con, De-Con, Minneapolis, MN, 2015

Waiting Room Gallery, Retro-Vertigo, Minneapolis, MN, 2015

Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN, 2015

Tyler MFA Green Hallway, Philadelphia, PA, 2015

Tyler Atrium Gallery, No walls, No floor Philadelphia, PA, 2015

Great Far Beyond, Forget My Name, Philadelphia, PA, 2015

New Orleans Art Center Gallery, Politico Pop-up, New Orleans, LA, 2015

House Show Gallery, Nauseous Gnarly, Minneapolis, MN, 2016

Reuse Center Gallery, Featured Artist of the Month, Philadelphia, PA, 2016

MFA Painting, Tyler Green Hallway, Philadelphia, PA, 2016

The Starter Kit, Queen Memorial Work Studios, Philadelphia, PA, 2016

Fully Cooked Art Show, Italian Market, Philadelphia, PA, 2016

Independent Hotel Show, Philadelphia, PA, 2016

The Rabbit Hole, I am Almost You, Philadelphia, PA, 2016

Space 1026, Philadelphia 2076, Philadelphia, PA, 2016

The Woodmere Museum, Condition of Place, Philadelphia, PA, 2016

The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN, 2016 

Made in Long Beach, Long Beach California, 2016

Tyler School of Art 2nd Year MFA Green Hallway Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA, 2016


Solo Exhibitions:

New Boone Gallery, Do Whatever You Want All The Time, Philadelphia, PA, 2016


Upcoming Exhibitions:

Lawton Gallery, Green Bay, WI, 2016 (September)

Great Far Beyond Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 2016 (October)

Left Field Gallery, San Luis Obispo, California, 2016 (October)

New Orleans Center for The Arts Gallery, New Orleans, 2016 (December)

Yeah Maybe Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, January 2017

Kitchen Table Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, May, 2017

Boston Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

MFA Thesis Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA 2017


Professional Affiliations:

Forming and Performing Arts Cooperative, Minneapolis, MN

Catalyst Collective- New Orleans, LA

University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Tyler School of Art, Temple University



Ivory Tower, University of Minnesota Press

Feel For Surreal Magazine

ArtDiction Magazine



Michelle Grabner’s Poor Farm Experiment, 2014

Soap Factory, 3x5, 2016


Related Professional Experience:

Intern at The Abstracted Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2014

Assistant at Bockley Gallery, 2014-2015

Substitute Painting and Drawing Professor at Tyler School of Art, 2016